Dean O’Gorman is a photographer and artist based in New Zealand.

Art has always been a part of Dean’s life. His father, Lance O'Gorman, is a long established and respected New Zealand landscape painter.

He is widely recognized for his portraiture and constructed images of The Vietnam War and more recently The First World War as a way of exploring ideas of masculinity and the vulnerability of youth.

Dean’s portraits have appeared in many magazines and publications and he has exhibited at the prestigious Page Blackie Gallery in Wellington.

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Dean O’Gorman

At first glance, a viewer could believe that O'Gormans latest exhibition work was actually taken of American forces in the Vietnam War.

"They were beautiful images and I loved how they made me feel. I loved the rawness and the humanness they captured. I thought wouldn't it be cool to try and stage something that could allow you to potentially feel something similar, but wasn't actually real?

"I'm not trying to trick anybody, but I'm just trying to play with the idea of how you feel about something that is not real but is made to seem real? Movies do it all the time, but often within photography I find it's approached with quite an obvious parody or irony, I wanted to try to be more sincere."

The results are impressive and it's difficult to be anything but captivated and moved by O'Gorman's images. They look real.

Edited from a review by Tom Cardy


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